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Shmura Matzah Order Form

Shmura Matzah Order Form

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  • Shemurah Matzah is hand-baked, unlike ordinary Matzah, which is machine processed.

    The wheat for Matzah is supervised from the time when it is taken to the mill to be ground into flour. Throughout the grinding, baking and packing, extra special care is taken that the flour and dough don’t come in contact with any moisture.

    Supervisors ensure that the dough is processed quickly enough that it does not rise in the process. Only Mayim Shelanu - water that was drawn from a spring or well after nightfall and sat in a cool place over night is used for the Matzot. The appliances are also cleaned between Matzah batches, to make sure that there are no crumbs or pieces of dough left from the previous batch.

    Shemurah Matzah takes the process a step further. The supervision begins from when the wheat is harvested .

    Many people make a point of eating Shemurah Matzot at the Seder, even if they eat regular Matzot during the rest of Pesach. 

  • Chabad of Park Slope has a gift for your Passover Seder. 

    Fill in the form below to receive 3 complimentary Shemura Matzahs.

    Make an order to buy any additional Matzahs for this Passover at $20/lb

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